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Carbotech Customizes Ceramic Brakes for Corvette C6 Z06
Deliver high initial bite, high torque, fade-resistant performance

Concord, NC – (September 15, 2008) – Carbotech introduces XP12™ brake pads, an application-specific upgrade for Chevrolet’s Corvette C6 Z06. High performance cars demand high performance braking capability. Carbotech’s XP12 is the industry’s most rotor-aggressive ceramic racing compound to date, and is engineered to manage dynamic high-torque braking for consistent performance over a very wide operating temperature range (250F to 2000F) -- all while remaining rotor-friendly.

Carbotech’s advanced compound matrix and innovative one-piece padlet design work in concert to provide unmatched initial "bite," a high coefficient of friction and progressive brake modulation and release characteristics that not only provide good pedal feel, but also minimize tire lock-up. In addition, the XP12 delivers extreme high fade resistance and excellent cold stopping power. Carbotech’s XP12 brakes have demonstrated excellent disc and pad wear, combined with race-proven performance, often without any pad changes.

Carbotech’s industry-leading engineering addresses the limitations of conventional friction technology with a proprietary ceramic and metallic construction -- in a range of compounds that out-perform competitive brakes, including the original equipment brake pads. With Carbotech’s XP12 there’s no need to sacrifice stopping power for looks. In fact, Carbotech’s advanced ceramic compounds extend brake life compared to most other semi-metallic and organic materials, and at the same time they outlast other premium pad materials by a significant margin, without compromising in noise control, pad life, or all-around braking performance.

Carbotech XP 12 brakes deliver:

  • Extreme high fade resistance
  • Increased overall performance and handling
  • Dynamic linear torque output throughout the operating range
  • High cold friction
  • Unsurpassed, progressive modulation and release characteristics
  • Better control entering the corners
  • Excellent cold stopping power
  • Low heat conductivity
  • Longer brake pad and rotor life
  • Low, non-corrosive dust – 100% asbestos free

XP12 is recommended for expert or advanced drivers, and is specified for racecars weighing 2,500 lbs or more using R-Compound tires; or “street” cars weighing 3,200 lbs or more -- for track use only.

Carbotech Performance Brakes are engineered to fit most of the racing caliper applications and are also specified as a dramatic upgrade to most standard calipers for high performance cars.

About Carbotech
Headquartered in Concord, North Carolina, Carbotech is the only brake pad manufacturer in the industry with a complete line of ceramic compounds for street, autocross, vintage, performance and track use. Designed by racers for racers, Carbotech Performance Brakes feature proprietary compounding formulations, track-tested friction technology and advanced brake pad engineering. Carbotech Performance Brakes are the choice of pro racers, club racers, tuners, and law enforcement agencies across the country -- because of their unsurpassed release and modulation capability and consistent torque control characteristics.