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Hide-A-Hose named one of PCBC's 'Cool' Products

MONROE, WASH. - In the early stages of Hide-A-Hose Inc. - when father and son Gary and Rod Drivstuen were visiting trade shows and demonstrating their innovative retractable hose central vacuum system - industry leaders paid little attention. How times have changed. Today, prominent central vacuum industry companies like H-P Products, Cyclo Vac and Tip Top Parts are now Hide-A-Hose distribution partners, and this year the Hide-A-Hose Retractable Hose Central Vacuum System earned a Cool Products award at the PCBC® Premier Building Show in San Francisco.

Aptly named, the Cool Products honor is designed to recognize items that have a certain "cool" factor that makes builders and buyers take notice. The contest is divided into two categories: Industry and Consumer-based products. The industry category is focused on products that are marketed to industry professionals, and the consumer category is designed for those products that the general public would purchase on their own.

This year, a panel of 7,000 randomly selected builders, architects, real estate professionals, marketing experts, and other building industry leaders attended the show, voted and chose 20 winners.

H-P Products, which features VACUFLO® Central Vacuum Systems feature Cyclonic Filtration Technology® (CFT(TM)) and now is a premier distributor of Hide-A-Hose, gave Hide-A-Hose a tremendous presence at the show by showcasing the product in its' booth.

"This is a gratifying honor for us because the show featured numerous major suppliers in the building industry showcasing the industry's finest products, and ours was selected as one of the best," Rod Drivstuen said. "In those early years, we attended these shows and saw little interest. Now, our system is regarded as one of the top 'cool products' of the year."

Hide-A-Hose Inc. has doubled sales every year since debuting the product in 2003 and has built a network of more than 200 dealers across the United States, Canada and abroad.

Convenience is a key reason why customers favor Hide-A-Hose. The system eliminates the need for hose storage since up to 50 feet of hose (which can cover as much as 2,200 square feet) is concealed in the wall inside the system's vacuum tubing. Consumers pull out the length of hose they need to vacuum the room, and begin vacuuming. When they are finished, the sustained vacuum power from a VACUFLO® or Dirt Devil® Central Vacuum System automatically retracts the hose into the wall. Since the hose remains completely concealed in the wall, there is no need to lug the hose from room to room or find a place for storage. All you do is carry your tools to the next inlet and start the process again.

Hide-A-Hose recently introduced the H3000, a next-generation retractable hose system Drivstuen says is a third smaller than the original and features a sleeker more contemporary design. The new product has improved locking and sealing features. It also retracts easier and smoother since the edges have been rounded, and the hose's retract angle has been changed. Installation of the new product is simpler, which saves time and money for installers.


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Julie Safreed