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MANTIS™ WIRELESS Introduces Bluetooth® Wireless Headset Line for People Who Don’t Like the “Look” of a Headset

Las Vegas, NV - Booth # 10941 - (October 31, 2008) - MANTIS Wireless, a leading global mobile phone accessory company, introduces its line-up of wireless Bluetooth® headsets.

  • MANTIS Wireless H1000 Headset
    The perfect fusion of simplicity and rich audio quality.

  • MANTIS Wireless H1100 Headset
    Communicate comfortably all day long with three different sizes of customizable, soft earplugs.

  • MANTIS Wireless H2000/2100 Headset
    Razor thin, sleek and comfortable! The MANTIS 2000 series of products truly embodies the essence of the Mantis brand, delivering comfort, simplicity and clarity.

Compatible with virtually all cell phones, every Mantis Headset addresses the need to comply with the hands-free driver legislation that is sweeping the country. Mantis Headsets offer 4-6 hours of talk time and 200 hours of stand-by time on a single charge.

“Mantis Headsets were designed for people who don’t like the look of a Bluetooth Headset,” said Norm Torrey, president of MANTIS Wireless Worldwide. “Mantis Headsets are smaller, unobtrusive and comfortable.”

For detailed product information or specifications, download the H1000, H1100 or H2000/2100 product specification sheet at

About MANTIS Wireless

MANTIS Wireless is a global leader in wireless mobile phone accessories. The company vision is built on the three core values of Simplicity, Comfort and Clarity---a company that offers simple solutions to high technology. And a company that consumers feel comfortable using and retailers feel comfortable representing. MANTIS Wireless is privately held and headquartered in W. Bloomfield, MI. For more information on MANTIS Wireless contact Norm Torrey, president, at 248-432-2842 or

Julie Safreed