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MANTIS™ WIRELESS Introduces Bluetooth® Wireless Headset Line for People Who Don’t Like the “Look” of a Headset

Las Vegas, NV - Booth # 10941 - (October 31, 2008) - MANTIS Wireless, a leading global mobile phone accessory company, introduces its line-up of wireless Bluetooth® headsets.

  • MANTIS Wireless C1000 Universal Hands-Free Car Kit
    The C1000 can be installed in any foreign or domestic automobile and can be paired with any Bluetooth compatible phone. Incoming call numbers, number dialed and last number called on displayed LED dashboard display unit. Includes directional microphone and all necessary peripherals. Voice and music are dispatched through the car’s speaker system for crystal clear sound.

  • MANTIS Wireless C1050 Universal Hands-Free Car Kit with Speaker
    All the features of the C1000 PLUS a high-quality external speaker for voice and music.

  • MANTIS Wireless C1500 Universal Hands-Free Car Kit
    All the features of the C1000 PLUS hands-free calling and iPod interface including full voice recognition package that includes digit/name dialing and voice command of iPod/other MP3 devices.

  • MANTIS Wireless C2000 Vehicle-Specific Hands-Free Car Kit
    Easy integration through the vehicle BUS. The C2000 gives drivers control of Bluetooth features, iPod and other media devices with menu generation on the OEM factory installed radio. Land Rover/Jaguar vehicle applications only. (Additional vehicle applications coming soon.)

MANTIS Installed Hands-Free Car Kits are designed for the customer that requires a “static-free” phone conversation. Advanced noise reduction and echo cancellation is all a part of Mantis’s proprietary CVC™ (Clear Voice Capture), which delivers a sound so crystal clear, you’d swear you were talking face-to-face. Compatible with virtually all cell phones, both car kits address the need to comply with the “hands-free” driver legislation that is sweeping the country.

“Business people have told us that vehicle phone quality is critical. They can’t afford static, noise or echo-sound when talking to customers or relaying important instructions to their kids,” said Norm Torrey, president of MANTIS Wireless Worldwide. “And we’ve designed it and included the peripherals needed for a simple installation by any professional audio installer.”

For detailed product information or specifications, download the H1000, H1100 or H2000/2100 product specification sheet at

About MANTIS Wireless

MANTIS Wireless is a global leader in wireless mobile phone accessories. The company vision is built on the three core values of Simplicity, Comfort and Clarity---a company that offers simple solutions to high technology. And a company that consumers feel comfortable using and retailers feel comfortable representing. MANTIS Wireless is privately held and headquartered in W. Bloomfield, MI. For more information on MANTIS Wireless contact Norm Torrey, president, at 248-432-2842 or

Julie Safreed