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Sentury Tire USA Announces DH2 Passenger Car Radial
DELINTE® DH2 All-Season Performance Touring Tire Offered in Over 60 Sizes

Safeguard’s Hi-Traction Glo series is available in six great colors.

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Miami, FL (August 16, 2013) – The all new DELINTE® DH2 is now available from the Sentury Tire USA network of tire distributors.  This touring radial is part of the family of tires offered in the DELINTE brand line that includes ultra high-performance, high-performance and performance touring tires. “Our dealers have been very satisfied with both the price and the quality of our DELINTE tires,” said Maxwell Wee, director of sales for Sentury Tire USA. “The DH2 is a quality all-season performance touring tire that offers superior handling and long-life.  We manufacture it in over 60 sizes, so it can serve a full-range of passenger cars and crossover vehicles. Delinte is developing a reputation for manufacturing quality tires, including larger tire sizes for performance and muscle cars.”

The DH2 passenger car radial provides an exceptional ride, stability and comfort.  It provides these additional performance benefits:

  • Asymmetric pattern design
    Precise handling on wet and dry roads
  • Four-wide longitudinal grooves
    Efficient water-evacuating capability to prevent lateral slide
  • Silent/3D shoulder grooves
    Reduces road noise for a QUIET ride
  • Special shoulder design
    Reduces irregular tread wear
  • Wear control shoulder
    Reduces “heel and toe” wear that can cause added road noise

“The DH2 comes with a 40,000 mile limited tread warranty.” added Wee.

About Sentury Tire USA

Sentury Tire USA, headquartered in Miami, FL designs, manufactures and markets Delinte and Landsail brand tires worldwide.  Sentury Tire is a world-class tire manufacturer with state-of-the-art tire manufacturing production technology and expertise. The company is known world-wide for their aircraft tire production including tires for the main landing gear of the Boeing 737-700/800/900 aircraft.

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