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Announcing the NEW SmartLogic® Android Tablet/DVD Player

The Only Known Combo Tablet/DVD Player Product on the Market Today!

CORONA, CA –November 5, 2013 – Vizualogic announced today the new SmartLogic® Android Portable Tablet/DVD Player. "This is the FIRST Android tablet that has integrated a working DVD player into a portable consumer electronics device (patent-pending)," said Gene Tuccinardi, President for Vizualogic. "We've had great success with our automotive tablet/DVD player that is integrated into a vehicle's headrest. Our primary customer base is parents with children and there is still a strong market to play the DVDs. Many of our customers have requested this product and it has received enthusiastic response during our consumer product tests," added Tuccinardi.

In addition to DVDs, the SmartLogic (Wi-Fi-enabled) Android Tablet enables kids and adults to capitalize on the myraid of media options that are available on any Smartphone or computer including Netflix movies, Facebook, YouTube, email and popular phone apps including Angry Birds. The SmartLogic Android tablet is equipped with the following features:

• 7" Touch Screen Display
• Android 4.1 Operating System
• FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) Approved
• Front Facing Camera and Microphone
• FM Modulator and Wireless IR Audio
• 1.2 GHz Processor/512 RAM/8 GB Storage
• SD/USB enabled

Future versions will include larger screens (9"/10").

"Parents and kids have told us that they like their tablet devices but still wanted to play the DVDs they had at home or could rent from a Redbox or Blockbuster kiosk," added Tuccinardi. "With a 5-hour battery life you can take the tablet anywhere, like a coffee shop or any location that has a Wi-Fi connection."

Vizualogic is an innovative automotive entertainment and electronics company located in Corona, California. Details on Vizualogic and SmartLogic can be found at