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Announcing the NEW SmartLogic® Android Tablet Universal Headrest Kit

CORONA, CA – October 25, 2013 – Vizualogic announced today a new Universal Headrest System featuring a removable Android tablet. It comes complete with two (each) of the following:

• Universal Headrests (choice of 3 colors: gray, black or tan)
• Removable Android (Wi-Fi enabled) Tablets (7" Touch Screen Display)
• IR Wireless Headphones
• Wired Ear Buds

The adjustable headrest posts are manufactured to fit most domestics/imports. "Tablet devices are becoming very popular and this universal kit is the right product for the entry level buyer," said Walt Detlefsen, Vizualogic National Sales Manager.

The removable SmartLogic (Wi-Fi-enabled) Android Tablet enables kids and adults to capitalize on the myraid of media options that are available on any Smartphone or computer including Netflix movies, Facebook, YouTube, email and popular phone apps including Angry Birds. The SmartLogic Android tablet is equipped with the following features:

• 7" Touch Screen Display
• Android 4.1 Operating System
• FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) Approved
• Front/Rear Facing Camera and Microphone
• FM Modulator and Wireless IR Audio
• Bluetooth
• 1.2 GHz Processor/512 RAM/8 GB Storage
• AV Input/Output capability
• SD/USB enabled

About Vizualogic

Vizualogic is an innovative automotive entertainment and electronics company located in Corona, California. Details on Vizualogic and SmartLogic can be found at