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Announcing the NEW SmartView™ Automotive Safety Camera System

Full 360 Degree View Enables Greater Visibility to Help Eliminate Blind Spots

CORONA, CA –October 25, 2013 – Vizualogic announced today the new SmartView™ Automotive Safety Camera System. The SmartView offers a full 360 degree view around the vehicle including blind spots. The system comes with 4 cameras –– for views of the front, back, left and right sides of the vehicle.

"Vizualogic has developed automotive safety cameras since the introduction of the Hindsight® Backup Camera System over 7 years ago," said Walt Detlefsen, Vizualogic Director of Sales. "Larger vehicles have visibility problems and the 360 degree camera views enable a consumer to real-time views without any distortion of image. The SmartView system assists drivers to park more easily and help them check for obstructions around the vehicle."

The SmartView Camera System Kit includes 4 cameras, control module box, harnesses/cables, installation parts and a remote control. Installation is straightforward for automotive electronics technicians. Most installations for late model vehicles utilize the existing front dash monitor. Older vehicle models can utilize most aftermarket monitors.

About Vizualogic

Vizualogic is an innovative automotive entertainment and electronics company located in Corona, California. Details on Vizualogic and SmartLogic can be found at