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HindSight® Flip Back-Up Camera System Includes Automatic Opening Monitor

CORONA, CA – October 25, 2013 – The all new Vizualogic HindSight Flip Universal Back-Up System is a revolutionary new back-up camera system. When the vehicle is placed in reverse, the HindSight monitor automatically flips open showing any obstacles that may be behiind the vehicle. When the vehicle is placed in drive, the monitor closes.

The HindSight 4.3" LCD monitor is fully automated. Once the monitor starts to open after you put your vehicle in reverse, you push a white button to adjust the monitor to a desired position. After the monitor has reached the proper position release the white button to lock it in the correct position. You do the same thing to close the monitor. After the initial positions are set, the monitor will open and close to the desired position. The HindSight monitor can be installed on the vehicle dashboard or at the top of the windshield. The camera is placed above the vehicle's license plate frame transmitting crystal clear, real time images to the monitor.

The HindSight system comes with a fully adjustable 4.3" LCD monitor, a back-up camera and all necessary wiring.

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