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Burlington, Iowa -- March 29, 2007 --Winegard's new Satellite Interface, WB-2700, enhances both RoadTrip and Movin' View® satellite TV antennas by providing RVers with the ability to receive HD programming. The Satellite Interface also allows users to easily customize the settings to receive programming from the providers of their choice: DISH Network™, DIRECTV® and Bell ExpressVu.

The Satellite Interface can be used for both new purchases of Movin' View and RoadTrip satellite antennas as well as those purchased before the Satellite Interface was released. This means that for those RVers who currently own a Movin' View 3500 series antenna or RoadTrip SD and SDi series antenna, they can get HD programming and access to more satellites with a Winegard Satellite Interface. No need to go out and buy a whole new satellite antenna!

Winegard domes are well-known in the industry for their simple operation. "When our engineers designed the Satellite Interface, one of their top priorities was to maintain a system that is easy to learn and use," said Aaron Engberg, Manager of Winegard's Mobile Products Division. "Most of the Satellite Interface functions require the user to push only one button, an important feature competitor models can't match."

While the Satellite Interface adds more available satellites, Winegard has retained the convenience of its automatic satellite switching feature, commonly referred to as automatic toggling. The chart below shows attainable satellites for various programming options.

Available Satellites
DISH 500110° and 119°
DISH 1000110°, 119° and 129°
exclusive to Winegard
DIRECTV101° and 119°
DIRECTV Plus101°, 110° and 119°
Bell ExpressVu82° and 92°

Current KU Band satellites include: 61.5°, 72°, 82°, 92°, 101°, 110°, 119°, 129°, and 148°. 

High definition programming can be received from DISH Network, DIRECTV, and ExpressVu with the Winegard Satellite Interface when used in conjunction with a high definition receiver and an HD-Ready TV. PLEASE NOTE: For DIRECTV users, an additional HD Converter (WB-1100), is required and is sold separately.

An attractive, backlit LCD display indicates normal operating messages, diagnostics indicators and configuration parameters. These configurations include satellite providers and the user's desired satellites. When troubleshooting is required, the LCD display will assist both the customer and Winegard technical service by outputting diagnostic and error messages.

Finally, for customers with an in-motion Movin' View or RoadTrip dome satellite, the antenna sleep mode setting can be modified. This feature is handy for customers who will not be traveling anywhere and wish to eliminate the movement of the dish on top of the roof.

Features and Benefits Summary

Provides HD programming
Compatible with any Winegard Movin' View® 3500 series antennas or RoadTrip SD and   SDi series antennas
Automatic Toggle for DISH 1000, DISH 500, DIRECTV Triple-feed and Bell ExpressVu
Manual mode allows user to acquire any listed KU Band satellite
CD display for user and diagnostic messages
Ability to modify sleep mode settings
Plugs into 110 volt AC and provides 12VDC conversion for dome satellite antenna.

Winegard Company has been manufacturing quality television and radio reception products for more than 50 years. Headquartered in Burlington, Iowa, Winegard enjoys a worldwide reputation that is based on many industry “firsts,” including the all-channel “Yagi” TV antenna, 82-channel antenna, antenna mounted preamplifiers, antenna amplifiers, the anodizing process, perforated aluminum satellite antenna and the RV television antenna, among others. Winegard currently manufactures and markets four distinct product lines:

•   Mobile Television Reception Products: Recreational vehicle, truck, marine, and automotive applications. Satellite systems ranging from manual crank-up models to fully automatic satellite tracking systems with GPS/DVB. Off-air antennas including bi-directional and omni-directional VHF/UHF/FM antennas. Ground Antenna Mounts and Accessories.

•  Satellite Antennas and Mounts: Residential antennas ranging in size from 46 cm to 1 meter,  including mounts and accessories.

•  Off-Air Antennas: VHF/UHF/FM/AM and HD Antenna Systems, Distribution and Preamplifiers, Power Supplies and Accessories.

•  Telemetry: Medical and Data Antenna Systems, Distribution Amplifiers, Power Supplies and Accessories.