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New Systems Offer Crisp, Clear Reception in a Lower Profile

BURLINGTON, Iowa -- Winegard is pleased to announce the newest generation in its line of automatic domed satellite TV antennas - the RoadTrip(TM) SD (stationary) and RoadTrip(TM) SDi (in-motion) satellite TV antennas. These new systems are equipped with all the same great features as the company's popular Movin' View® line, but packaged in a smaller, lower-profile dome. The RoadTrip SD and SDi are just 12" high, no taller than a roof-top air conditioning unit, which makes them a great choice for RVs with height restrictions, or for those who want to minimize the appearance of the satellite on top of the RV.

NEW Automatic 12"
SD RT1200S
(Stationary) WHITE

Hi-Res     Lo-Res
NEW Automatic 12"
SDi RT1235T
(In-Motion) BLACK


RoadTrip SD (Stationary) 12" Satellite TV Antenna (also available in Black) RoadTrip SDi (In-Motion) 12" Satellite TV Antenna (also available in White) "Winegard has been in the satellite business for nearly 60 years, and we're confident that consumers will love this new system for its performance and ease of use, as well as its great looks," said Aaron Engberg, Manager of Winegard's Mobile Products Division. He added that he is convinced the new system will build on the rapidly-growing success of the 15" Movin' View line, and that the new 12" RoadTrip domes will allow Winegard to continue to gain significant market share and make Winegard an even greater leader in the satellite industry.

The RoadTrip features simple, one-button operation like the popular Movin' Views. Using advanced satellite reflector antenna technology, the RoadTrip mounts easily to any motor home, travel trailer, RV or large vehicle for a flawless, integrated look. The antennas receive DIRECTV® (satellites 101° and 119°) and DISH® Network (satellites 110° and 119°) signals throughout the majority of the continental U.S., and provide consistently clear video pictures, music and sound. The RoadTrip provides passengers with mobile video system access to all their favorite television shows, movies, news, children's programming and sporting events, live as they are broadcast.

The RoadTrip line is engineered with DVB (Digital Video Broadcast) technology, which allows the antenna to automatically identify and lock onto the correct satellite signal accurately and efficiently for clear, crisp reception. "Winegard is the first satellite television manufacturer to offer DVB systems exclusively on all of its domed satellites," Engberg said, adding that RV original equipment manufacturer Tiffin MotorHomes has already begun installing the RoadTrip SD and SDi on selected models.

A new feature to the RoadTrip SDi (in-motion) model is the ability to automatically toggle between satellites while traveling down the road or parked. Previous dome units were only able to automatically toggle while parked. Automatic toggle is the satellite dish's ability to switch from the primary satellite to the secondary satellite without using a satellite switch or multiple searches. When the system is locked in on the primary satellite, the customer's receiver has the channels that are located on the secondary satellite loaded in it. With automatic toggling, simply hitting the channel guide will provide the user a "seamless guide" to programming on both satellites. Select the desired channel, and the satellite dish will automatically move to the correct satellite. Without this automatic toggle feature, the customer has to move the satellite dish to the secondary satellite by way of a switch, or by performing a search for the secondary satellite, making the process of switching satellites long and tedious.

Key features of the new RoadTrip SD and SDi satellite TV antennas include:

• Same easy one-button on/off operation as the Movin' View line o Superior radome to help increase signal strength performance

• Revolutionary antenna design is lightweight, space-saving and high performing o In-motion and stationary automatic toggle

• DVB technology used in search routine

• In-motion system tracks at 45 degrees per second o GPS technology - in-motion models only

• Toggle used on DISH Network® and DIRECTV®

• Mounting f eet come attached, for ease of installation

• Latest technology at a very competitive retail price

• Available in either a white or black dome at no additional cost

• Diameter of 32"; 12.5" height; 325 pounds

Suggested retail price for the RoadTrip SD (stationary) unit is $1,399; and $1,999 for the RoadTrip SDi (in-motion) unit. Black dome models are available at no additional charge and don't have long lead-times. According to Engberg, "We proudly provide our customers with the latest technology and thus the best product at the lowest possible price. Furthermore, there are no hidden fees or upgrades with Winegard domes." For more information, visit or contact Winegard Customer Service at (800) 288-8094, Ext. 1, or email

Winegard Company has been manufacturing quality television and radio reception products for more than 50 years. Headquartered in Burlington, Iowa, Winegard Company offers more than 1000 products and enjoys a worldwide reputation. Winegard currently manufactures and markets these four distinct product lines:

•   Mobile Television Reception Products: Recreational vehicle, truck, marine, and automotive applications. Satellite systems ranging from manual crank-up models to fully automatic satellite tracking systems with GPS/DVB. Off-air antennas including bi-directional and omni-directional VHF/UHF/FM antennas. Ground Antenna Mounts and Accessories.

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